Render PDFs in Preview in line with text

It’d be nice if PDFs could be rendered in the preview, the way notes are with ![[note]], rather than jumping to the PDF as a separate file.


This was mentioned on Discord I think yesterday and the reply was that PDF embedding is currently disabled for performance issues. But Electron in an upcoming update will have a built in PDF viewer so perhaps then it could be implemented.


A related solution: Embed online content

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I would really like this also coming from Evernote where PDFs can be viewed inline. I write scientific papers and most of the figures are best stored in PDF format. I think that this should be a core feature - not handled by e.g. iframe embeds especially since electron has this capability. For performance reasons it should have the option to disable inline PDF renders though for people who do not want it.

I do not see the “Feature Request” tag on this post, could it be added by the mods? I did not see an existing feature request that overlaps with this.


Agreed, would find this useful!

If we open a pdf file that is within the attachments folder it succesfully previews. Why does not a pdf behave similarly within the note content?

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Are there any updates regarding the (future) “preview PDF” functionality? Is that on the Obsidian roadmap? Is it dependent on Electron providing it first and, if so, when is that expected?

Is this something that a plug-in could provide, perhaps using PDF.js?

In anticipation of this functionality sometime soon, what would be the best way to import a library of PDFs? Standard Obsidian embed (![[my-pdf.pdf]]) or something else? Thanks in advance.

+1 for the ability to have PDFs rendered inline in the note. Hoping this will land on the roadmap soon.

I would love this feature.

will be implemented in 0.10.8


Thanks for implementing this feature. It is possible to “hide” (i.e. NOT render inline) a PDF, as in Evernote?