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I know Obsidian already supports a number of different formats and allows you to embed different media. My hope is this can be extended to include websites and videos. As an experiment I tried embedding a YouTube video, and while Obsidian recognizes it as an iframe object, it fails to actually display the video. Why is that so? I admit I’m not very knowledgeable in this field, but shouldn’t we be able to do this easily since Markdown supports HTML?


Due to security reasons, Obsidian is blocking <iframe> content, but I believe that should be up to the user. Opening up web embeds gives Obsidian immediate interoperability with so much content and tools. We could embed everything from Google Docs to Excel Spreadsheets to maps, diagrams, pdfs, etc.


Yes, the possibilities are endless! This would really help me turn Obsidian into a true digital scrapbook. Until then I’m afraid we’ll have to rely on other tools…


Would this feature be something similar to how Notion embeds work? This was one of the things I liked in Notion. I am wondering if this would create more friction with other features, e.g exporting the markdown file.

Want this feature too! Typora support iframe embedding. I usually use it to embed mindmaps !

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I would love this feature too!

I’ve just made the switch from Typora to Obsidian (which is great). The main problem I’m having is that all of my YouTube embeds using the iframe html tag show up as an empty box, like so:

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actually, at least as of now, online video files can be embeded using:

i don’t know about embedding entire web pages or other online resources or pdfs or online docx…
any news on these??

I’m brand new to Obsidian, and I just now discovered that v0.8.1 allows the use of iframes:

HTML iframe tags are now allowed, which can be used to embed various external pages like YouTube, Google Maps, etc.

However, like @prodamere (above), I’m only getting blank screen (empty box) within the iFrame.

Can anyone who has successfully used iFrames shed any light on:

  • what might be causing the blank display and
  • how to fix this issue?

= Update =
After more testing, it looks like the issue may simply be that some sites have an “escape frames” setting, since I did eventually manage to get a few sites to display within the iFrames.

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