Renaming a file permanently erases its Sync history

If I rename a file, the sync history (previous versions) is erased!

This caused me to lose the version history of a file I’ve been working on for months and I routinely have to check previous versions to see what was written before.

This should not be happening, renaming the file should be reflected in its sync history as yet another change, not erase it completely!

This is not a bug, it’s how it currently works.
If you want sync to track renames, please open a feature request. Thanks!

Hi @WhiteNoise, it’s not just about tracking renames. It’s about the deletion of previous versions.

The previous versions aren’t deleted. If you rename it to the original name, the previous versions are still there.
It’s just that we handle “rename” as “delete and create” a new file (which is what it is).
Keeping track of track renames in sync history requires (a lot of) work. That’s going to be a feature request.

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