Remove the requirement to press ctrl/cmd to preview on hover in the preview window

What I’m trying to do

Hi. How can I remove the requirement to press control for preview on hover (in the preview window)? There is a question already here (topic is closed so I have to start a new one), where it says that I can turn it off but I feel like I am missing something. Here is how my settings look like. I don’t have the option to unclick that. I tried different theme as well with no luck.

Does the Page Preview plugin only adress the editor and not the preview window)

Things I have tried

Reading the forum and the help.


Where it says ‘Preview’ in your image, toggle that option off. Or are you saying that the toggle is not working?


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Okay, that does it. I tried turning the whole plugin off and as expected it turned the plugin off :smiley: .

I have to say that for me this labelling is really consufing. I wouldn’t expect to have to turn off “preview” to get “preview”. It would actually be nice if the sentence that was on top as a heading “Require Ctrl to trigger page preview on hover” actually replaces the text “Preview” where there is a checkmark. The heading could simply be “Page preview plugin”.

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