Remove files from backlinks?

One thing that bothers me about the connections is that in the backlinks (right field) not only other notes are shown, but also files like images and attachments. Is it possible that these are not displayed?

Are you certain you are talking about backlinks? I am not quite sure if I understand your problem correctly, but how can you link to your current file from an image? :thinking:

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Just hide non-me files (like jpg) from outgoing links tab.

OK, so outgoing links, not backlinks. There is no native way to hide certain file types.

For the file explorer, there is a css snippet - in a rush, I couldn’t find out how to adapt this snippet for the outgoing links pane but it should basically be possible, I guess. There is also a feature request for hiding certain file types in the file explorer.

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Yep, outgoing links, my bad (not en native language), and thanks for suggestions. I’m going to explore the css snippet.

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