How to hide the image section in the Obsidian tree directory section

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Hi, when I paste a picture into a note in Obsidian, it shows the part of the image I pasted in the tree folder of Obsidian, I want to hide it because it takes up a lot of my space, how do I get it? can hide it?

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In the Obsidian settings you could define a folder where all attachments go when inserted in a note. So they would be out of the way.

Maybe I will because so far I have not found a solution to this problem, anyway your suggestion helps me. Thank you

If you don’t want to go the folder route you could hide them via a CSS snippet.

	display: none;

If you do go the folder route and want to hide the folder you can do that too, just replace assets with the name of your folder:

div[data-path$='assets'] + div.nav-folder-children 
	display: none;

See this post it’s where I got it: Show / hide file types to be shown in file explorer


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