Show / hide file types to be shown in file explorer

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Bumping this thread :frowning_face:

It’s really difficult to organize the notes/documents when you have 30+ notes and a lot of them have images/files. Becomes a sorta mess to locate the notes in the left sidebar where you have notes as well as the media files.

I think there should definitely be a way to hide the media files from the left sidebar.


Similar to Hide select vault folders from Obsidian. It’d be great to be able to tell Obsidian what to show/hide in terms of non-note files.

For my own purposes, it’d be fine to say “ignore PDFs, JPGs, and PNGs.” But I could also see hiding individual files being useful, so maybe that’s a path worth walking, too.

The use case: I keep notes on e.g., projects that also feature lots of other resources. I don’t want to keep separate folders on my file systems for the PDFs for those projects, but I also never want to refer to them in Obsidian. Right now there’s no escape, though. I am continually haunted by Receipt 25303.pdf. Haunted! :ghost:


Might be worth merging this with Show / hide file types to be shown in file explorer to boost the like count on either request

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A similar issue: I don’t really want external links to show on the graph, but sometimes they do. A show/hide toggle for these would be great as well.

+1 for this. Would be nice to also show .txt by default.


I have all of “my data” in one big folder, “Life.”

Under that folder, I have subfolders such as “Music” and “Woodworking” with files (both .md and within those folders. (e.g. the “Music” folder has .md file for music theory notes, and also my .mp3s).

I’d like to see the files in Obsidian’s File Explorer, so I can keep related data “close together” so I have context for the full structure, and so I don’t accidentally delete “empty” folders which are really just folders with files inside.

This feature would be combined well with “open file in other app” options for those listings.


Love the idea. I would like to treat Obsidian not only as a note taking app, but also as a hub for my research projects.

Example: I heavily use MindManager. It would be great to see and be able to “open with default app” my Mind Maps directly from Obsidian,



Not sure if this is universally helpful, but I’ve taken to using web-links to OneDrive URLs to link to non-MD content. If you’re using it in a consistent folder, using file:// as the markdown link will work as well.

Or .mmd, which is, sometimes, used for MultiMarkdown.

You can create a css file like the following:

div[data-path$='assets'] + div.nav-folder-children 
	display: none;

	display: none;

Replace assets and .png with the folder name and extension that you want to exclude.
This is a workaround until such a feature may be integrated in some years.
(Usually you would setup this once. So that’s a workable workaround)


+1 for this feature request – Toggle visibility of non .md files in file explorer

Although I’ll try to work in .md formats as much as possible going forward, colleagues may not. Adding their non .md files to mine should probably not make their stuff hidden :slight_smile:

Folder has 5 files but only 3 are shown. One could imagine navigation getting harder with more files – think 50 files in folder but only 30 are visible.

+1 for this feature request

I’ve just started using obsidian and I like it so far… BUT this is a huge friction problem for me starting out. I noticed this thread is pretty old does anyone know if any solutions have been found?


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Ditto here. The best I’ve found is setting up the folder where to automatically put attachments.

Settings → Files & Links → Attachment folder path

It is annoying that every time you drag an attachment in (image, pdf, etc) the attachment folder opens to show that the file is there, but it’s better than nothing. :slight_smile:

Use case or problem

I don’t use assets folders. Instead I rename all assets the same name as the file ending with a number, and put them in the same folder. If I need to move a file outside Obsidian I instantly know which other files to grab.

In Windows explorer I have a batch file that auto hides everything except the md files, and with Explorer set to “hide files” (the left column in the screenshot)I get a nice clean look of my md files, but it’s just a click of a mouse to display all hidden files if I must (the right column)


I would like a similar “hidden items” type checkbox for my Obsidian navigation pane on the left. I need to display the png and jpg etc files when I first save them in my folder so that I can select them and rename them the same as the relevant md file. But once that’s done, they just all get in the way.

Proposed solution

Perhaps this is a plugin issue, in which case I trust the moderators to move my request.

The best solution is to have a simple checkbox at the top of the navigation pane where we currently have the following


It would just show/hide hidden items. Of course there would be a setting to determine which extensions we want to show/hide.

Current workaround (optional)

None that I can see.

Just found this similar thread: Show / hide file types to be shown in file explorer

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Implementing something like this would be great and I think grow to a large software engineer community

Use Case
Markdown files within a code base that have in subfolders or projects. I have tried this currently with Obsidian with my Home Lab and personal projects folder but it slows Obsidian way down, almost to unusable levels.

If I could put in a .obignore file just like .gitignore in git, then I could keep everything out that is just extra to the codebase.

The only thing currently available is to ignore a whole folder and that becomes way too cumbersome with multiple projects. This reason alone took me away from using the mobile version as it kept freezing up.

Hopefully this can get some traction!!
Thanks for an awesome platform thus far!


I was going to suggest exactly that: some way to ignore/hide folders/files using a gitignore-like syntax.


I know this is old, but I just spent several hours browsing the forum because I was too dense to find both of these features in settings. I don’t how long they’ve been there, but they work exactly as expected on v. 0.14.6. Wow…what devs–what a product!

So there is a way to do this now? I cannot find it in the settings… Can you advice where to find it?