Remove 5 Result Limit from Quick Switcher

It would be nice if the Quick Switcher wasn’t so constrained.

If I make some quick edits on a different project, I usually can’t get back to where I was just minutes before using the switcher.

Why not add a scroll bar to the 5-result list so we can scroll past this limit.
Also, let the Quick Switch window be as tall as the Obsidian environment to show more results at once for easier navigation.

Personally, I find a MRU (most recently used) list of at least 12 to be sufficient most of the time. 20 results and a scroll bar would be nice.


+1 for this. Scroll with lazy loading if necessary.


When trying to navigate to a file using cmd+o, the file picker that comes up does not display all the results, in fact it only shows a few, and there’s no option to scroll through the rest of them. Unless I’m wrong, that seems like the best way to search for and open a file, so it would be great to be able to see all the files with the term in the title.

This already exists if you’re adding a link using double brackets [[]] – when typing a term it shows you a scrollable list. I think the same should be implemented on cmd+o


Exactly! The Devs have already done the coding for this. My hope is that it would be a relatively small, simple task to apply it here as well.

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Is this correct:
Ctrl/Cmd O Quick Switcher is a list of notes recently edited rather than notes accessed/opened. To be listed in Ctrl/Cmd O, a note has to be edited before and closed.

A lot of time I could not restore last closed pane (notes opened for viewing only) like we use to do in web browser (Ctrl/Cmd Shift T), and the Ctrl/Cmd O did not help here.

For me it lists the five most recently opened notes, regardless of editing.

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There is a bug where if you rename the note, then it is not included in quick switcher.

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+1 i intend to rely a lot on this feature and less on MOC’s or indexing to maneuver around. more results anc scrolling would be helpful


I would really like to see the limit lifted as well. This is indeed very limiting while it seems that the solution (listing all files when hitting [[ in editing a note) the solution is already there.

I would even ask what is the point of the seperate search option if it all can be included in the quick switcher (which might not be the best name at that point :slight_smile: ).

Something that for example CintaNotes does very well is that almost everything is done from the search bar.

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The displayed Quick Switcher items is 10 on v0.8.15. It got be since v0.8.14 along with Command Pallette’s.

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