Newly renamed notes don't appear in recent files

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a note.
  2. Trigger key combo for accessing recent files (Ctrl + O).

Expected result

Newly created note should be on the top of recent files list.

Actual result

It’s not.


  • Operating system: elementary OS 5 (based on Ubuntu 18.04)
  • Obsidian version: 0.7.4

Additional information

If you navigate to some other note using Ctrl + O, you can’t navigate back to the newly created one using “recent notes” functionality. You’ll have to start writing its name to be able to navigate back.


I can’t replicate you bug. Can you make a short video?

Here’s a video and steps I take in it:

  1. Create a note named “Note 1”.
  2. Press Ctrl + O -> no “Note 1” visible there.
  3. Navigate away from “Note 1” and try pressing Ctrl + O again -> “Note 1” still not visible.

“Note 1” only appears after I type the first few letters. (324.4 KB)

Ok, now I get what you mean. It’s create -> rename -> ctrl-o

Just a note of clarification. The list contains recently opened files. Once you rename a file, you lose history that it was opened (start fresh).

We’ll look into it at some point.

I just came across this today also. If a note is renamed, it is removed from the “recent files” list.

Same for me (on Windows 10).

this should be fixed 0.12.16

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