- Survey for Markdown Document Sharing via Obsidian

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What is

The idea behind is to enable sharing of individual notes with members of a team. My personal use-case is that I am freelancing with different clients asking for different things (consulting). So I wanted to be able to deliver something that I have in my knowledge base, write it up in markdown and NOT have to copy&paste into an email but have the note pop up in my clients obsidian vault automatically.

TL;DR; I don’t like copy&pasting so I build a service with an Obsidian plugin to help me share individual documents from within Obsidian and think others may value this service as well.

The Survey

I am looking for feedback and opinions to help me gauge the interest and see what direction to go with it. If you have 3-5 spare minutes, please fill out the survey.
Apparently, there have been projects in the past that tried to enable document sharing for Obsidian but for reasons I am unaware of, it didn’t catch on. Would love to hear more.