Regressions in "Source mode" that work in Legacy

I’ve got two copmlaints with Source Mode that keep me using the editor Legacy for the foreseeable future. I’ve turned off auto-updates to ensure I don’t lose it unexpectedly.

The first one is that “Live” previews sneak in once in a while. Tags, for instance, show as a chip even in source mode, if they’re at the top of the file.

Secondly, both Source and Live Preview have a bug with the cursor in a particular scenario. This works fine in the Legacy Editor.

To reproduce in the Help Vault, paste the following into a new help vault, including the empty spaces on the last line. You can see that the gutter values are misaligned



Screen Shot 2022-12-10 at 4.56.53 PM

Additionally, there is another bug (present in the modern editor, but not the legacy editor) that you can observe if you turn off the gutter display.

To reproduce:

  • Open the Sandbox Vault.
  • Disable “Show indentation guides”.
  • Insert a tab character and type any character.
    • Note that even with “Tab indent size” set to 4, the cursor does not jump to the same position that inserting four spaces would.
    • Note the cursor jumps backwards when you start typing due to the monospacing. (this works fine in Legacy editor)
  • Insert a new-line. This will take you to an indented cursor position.
  • Insert several space characters.
    • Note that the cursor moves erractically back and forth instead of moving forward one character at a time. (this works fine in Legacy editor)

Environment is macOS. I’m no longer able to edit the original post.

With the gutter bug, I would expect two things that currently don’t seem true:

  1. All gutters are alligned at the left (not the case with the second gutter in the image)
  2. the spacing between the gutter and the first monospace character would be as wide monospace characters should be. In the above image, there are four spaces to the left of “jksd” but the gutter is not four-spaces wide.

Please one bug report per thread, stick to the bug report template, and search before posting. Thanks

Please one bug report per thread, stick to the bug report template, and search before posting. Thanks

Can you clarify if this thread is going to be rejected/closed without these? I obviously can’t edit my post to fit the template anymore, so would you suggest I create two or three new threads?

I have searched, but as I’m sure you know, knowing what keywords to get good results can be tricky. Your suggestion implies I didn’t search, which is awfully presumptuous, but I understand it’s probably pretty common.

What search terms would you suggest for “the cursor acts weird when I type spaces after an indented line”?

No assumption, I just reiterated the guidelines.
So yes, please post one bug report per issue.