Reduce the spacing between images

Hi I am new to obsidian and css. I am trying to reduce the spacing between two images (see below) in the reading view. I guess I should achieve that through css snippet? Can anyone give me an example of the css code? Thank you!


What’s the Markdown in your note look like? Is there a blank line between the embeds? You could probably get away with the links one after the other.


Reading view:

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ohh, thank you! the markdown in my notes looks like ! [200] (./clip_image014.png) and the spacing does reduced when I use ! [[ 200 ]].
Do you know what is the reason? I would also love to have a solution using css (for learning purposes I guess).

Using either a Wikilink embed


or a Markdown embed,


I don’t see any gap between the images in Live Preview or Reading views.

However, I did notice a gap in Reading view if you have a space after the first embed (creating a line break, <br> ). It’s hard to notice in the editor.


Have a look here

and using the inspector, see if it’s the <br> creating the space or not. If it’s not that, you’ll have to find out what’s causing the space, and then maybe someone can offer a CSS solution.

thank you very much. I used the inspector and do not see
. On the other hand, I find that the space shows up when I starts a new line for the second embed. If I embed two images in the same line, there is no space.

I am really curious to know what makes the difference between the Live Preview and Reading view.

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