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nothing yet, sorry; don’t even know where to look

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Hi all, my computer battery doesn’t hold a charge right now (am workingon replacement) and we lose power often in my house. Yesterday after this happening somehow lost vault templates, etc, but got them back thanks to rigamarole’s help.

Today this happened and I opened to this (screenshot attached) which is super annoying because it was something I was in the middle of working on. Thoughts? Nothing else affected this time; themes, etc, all still in place. Is there another possible issue other than power loss?

Thank you so much for any help- am at my wits’ end.

Sorry to hear this! I think you should be able to get your note back!

Hopefully you haven’t gone out of your way to disable the File Recovery plugin. Go to Settings and proceed to the File Recovery plugin.

Here is a link to an post where someone else experienced the same red dots: A note with few hundred lines of data displays red dots (in edit mode) instead of the actual content and completely blank in 'preview' mode. Cursor placed on any red dot displays "\u0"

Hopefully you are able to get this sorted out. Thanks.

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