[Recurrent] Upgrade mermaid.js to the latest version x.y.z

Use case or problem

Currently gitGraph only supports horizontal graphs in Obsidian. I have a very long graph that I want to render vertically, but I can’t because Obsidian’s mermaid version doesn’t support it yet.

Proposed solution

Upgrade mermaid.js to >=10.3.0

Current workaround (optional)

Just side scrolling

Related feature requests (optional)



I agree, mermaid diagrams should be the next thing to add on the roadmap before other features

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10.4 is the current version.
I’d love to use it for the sankey-beta function.

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+1 from me

I’d like the Actor Creation and Destruction functions in Sequence Diagram from mermaid v10.3.0.

+1 from me

I agree that upgrading mermaid to the latest would be good. Beware though that some of the new diagram types are experimental with few configuration options and don’t really look very good. A case in point is the mindmap diagram type with looks awful IMO. I’ve added a picture of a mind map I created using this diagram type in the mermaid live editor for a project I am working on. There is no programmatic way to specify the layout option to stop the nodes overlapping.

The best option was to use the Mind Map plugin which doesn’t let you edit the contents but does produce a nice looking map that i use now as an alternative to the TOC.

I would like to support the request to upgrade to version 10.4 -

I would also absolutely love this to be upgraded to v10.3+. Especially with the narrow width of the note view, vertical git diagrams would be awesome.

I came to request this feature for the same reason and it’s already here. Yay.

+1 From me.

Edit: For the swarm!

+1, please upgrade the version. I’d love to use the [Sequence diagrams | Mermaid](Actor Creation and Destruction (v10.3.0+)) feature.

+1, please update mermaid. I’m really looking forward to Sankey diagrams in v10.3.0+

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Mermaid was updated to 10.6.1 in obsidian V1.5.0

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Works brilliantly, but for the sankey-beta you have to add something like %%{init: {‘theme’: ‘dark’, ‘themeCSS’: ‘svg {background-color: black}’}}%% to see the actual lines