Really Simple Syndication (RSS) in digital gardens?


While reading others’ digital gardens, sometimes I don’t know what I’ve already read or what is new. There is an RSS feed in traditional (linear) blogs that we can read with an RSS reader (like RSS fluent reader).

How to have similar functionality for digital gardens?

How would it look like?


Some systems keep an RSS feed for all file updates. Do you want a list of files updates as each one is updated?

In HTML, default behavior is that links to pages you’ve already seen are a different color than links you haven’t seen.

Would that give you what you need?

Yes, the ‘visited’ color helps me distinguish if I’ve been there before :). But in a digital garden, notes change regularly, for example, changing from ‘draft’ to more mature ones.

What I want is a mechanism to read changes in the gardens I’m interested in systematically. That’s why I thought about RSS (But I’ve noticed that gardens around do not provide an RSS feed).

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Maybe a good approach to this is to start a blog (stream) for your garden.

The blog can act as a change log/garden update that people can subscribe to via RSS, and each post points to notes in your garden.


This is a cool idea, RSS is amazing and it’s a shame that it’s not as popular as it once was.

@cristian this might be worth making a new posts as a Feature request called something like “RSS for Obsidian Publish” I think it’s a good idea!

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Another relevant thread: Sharing linked thinking on the web: methods for helping readers follow along


Blot, an excellent blogging/website service, is destined to have support for wikilinks in the near future. I am very excited!


That is amazing, I was aware of Blot in the past, but I haven’t properly tested it, right now I’ve been using Gatsby which doesn’t support wikilinks.

@ryanjamurphy Have you used Blot? Do you think it’s a good way to maintain a full website, or is it more dedicated to simple “digital garden”?

I’m using Blot for both my sites ( and It is meant to be a blogging platform, though. It is very flexible, but you might need to handle some aspects of site design/layout yourself if you want to go beyond a blog.

The sidebar and the projects page on Fulcra are a sample of non-blog parts of Blot.


That’s amazing, seriously cool blogs @ryanjamurphy. I appreciate the tip I’ll be checking out Blot!

And like @cristian was asking about RSS blot seems to have a good RSS system built-in

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I’ve been looking into using Blot – I’m impressed with your implementations of it!


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