RSS Feed for Obsidian Publish

Is Obsidian planning to add, or does anyone know how to add, a “new pages”/“updates”/RSS feed to Publish sites so that visitors can see what’s new? (I don’t know much about RSS feeds)


I would like to second this request. RSS would really allow one to lean in to the labyrinthine/garden structure of an obsidian vault. Adding details incrementally over time, fractally enlarging the network from the inside out. RSS, or some equivalently ‘pushed’ system of notification/changelog would turn it from an excellent wiki-style site into a powerful communication tool. It would make this model of blogging/garden tending something that can viably be followed by others.

Also ties in to a recent discussion here: Really Simple Syndication (RSS) in digital gardens?

and here: Sharing linked thinking on the web: methods for helping readers follow along

This post really identifies the issue:

And one of OPs solution is:


There has been increased chatter about this feature lately. Personally I’d love a feed-type feature for Publish. I think there’s a difference between updating a bunch of notes mostly meant for yourself and writing something for an audience. So, in my dreams, a Publish feed would be somewhat different from a firehose list of all the updates in a vault—instead it would give Obsidian users a place to put that audience-focused writing.

So, if there was a way to tell Publish to post “notes in this folder” or “with this tag” or “with this YAML metadata key” in a feed, it would be fantastic.


Putting in my vote for this feature.

Would love to see RSS feeds for:

  • Recently updated pages
  • New pages

Ideally there would also be a way to enable some metadata fields, e.g. author, cover image, etc.


This would be a big reason for me to start using Publish: the ability the have both a chronological and an achronological view of content in a published vault with a RSS feed for others to follow for new posts.

Like @ryanjamurphy, perhaps the solution would be to have the RSS feed show only certain notes which could be written as chronological posts.


I just wanted to add that I think that this a great idea. I would like any of the functionality but what I would like is a folder I could define or use that would have this record. Any of the methods would work for me in publish but I have friends asking me where to start reading my chaos in publish. Having a place to point them besides telling them to just “click here” would make my obsidian publish site more discoverable and readable I think. I hope this happens with any of the ways mentioned.


Agreed here. The RSS Feed community plugin is decent but a cleaner way to get these feeds automated in would be amazing.