Readwise Community Plugin not listed in Plugin Options [Bug]


[x] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.17(4)

I have installed and enabled the Readwise Community Plugin, but the Plugin is not listed in the Plugin Options menu. I can’t access the Readwise Community Plugin settings.
The picture below shows Readwise Plugin installed and enabled:

The pictures below show Plugin Options Menu. Readwise Plugin is not listed there.

Do you know how to solve that?

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Hi, guys! Please, help me solve this!

Was just about to write this bug up. Here’s a summary of why it isn’t working:

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Thank you! I hope it can be fixed. I am using Obsidian primarily in my iPad.

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Thanks for bringing this up. There is an issue open for this already in the Github repo: Readwise Plugin not listed in Plugin option menu · Issue #44 · renehernandez/obsidian-readwise · GitHub

This has already been fixed in version 0.0.5

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