Reading and Editing function

When going from editing to read mode some code does not display correctly it shows the code instead of what was written.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Type:: {“type”:“Multi”,“options”:{“valuesList”:{“1”:“Person”,“2”:“Company”},“sourceType”:“ValuesList”,“valuesListNotePath”:“”,“valuesFromDVQuery”:“”}}

Carriage returns/new line characters seem to be missing.

Try reading about this on other threads; e.g.:

Could you please repost your text using four backticks surrounding the markdown text?

And is this an attempt to define an object in the body text, or do you just want to define the field Type with a JSON string?

What do you intend to use this for, or is it just for presentational purposes?

Or put another way, what do you expect it to look like in editing and/or reading views?

Steps to reproduce

I type in the code then hit the read button and the code is still being displayed.

Type:: {“type”:“Multi”,“options”:{“valuesList”:{“1”:“Person”,“2”:“Company”},“sourceType”:“ValuesList”,“valuesListNotePath”:“”,“valuesFromDVQuery”:“”}}

Expected result

I expect to see a label Type and a multi select box for the values

Actual result


  • Operating system:

Windows 11

  • Debug info:

Additional information

No idea what you are talking about

Why the double post? See the other post for question to get more information on what you’re really trying to achieve.

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I’m not entirely sure what you are attempting to do, but try putting all of that inside a codeblock by surrounding it with three backticks (```) at the top and three backticks on the bottom.

like this.
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That did not work.

It seems the read mode in Obsidian is not working 100%

Could you please try to tell us what you want to achieve?

Is this for the Metadata Menu plug-in? Is for the Metabind plug-in?

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