"Readable line length" in Markdown preview only

Feature request

Make it possible to toggle “readable line length” for the editor and markdown preview independently.

I have readable line length on in previews as this reads more pleasantly, but my workflow when writing content is different. When writing, I find that sticking to one sentence per line has many benefits, but these are partially lost with forced linewrapping.


With “Readable line length” enabled, I’ve found that the following CSS will return the editor to full width:

div.markdown-source-view.is-readable-line-width > div.CodeMirror.cm-s-obsidian.CodeMirror-wrap {
  max-width: 100%;

As such, this feature request shouldn’t warrant much priority. However, my main concern is that this CSS will ultimately break with some future update, so official support for this would still be desirable.


I see what you mean. I have been looking for this too.

Thanks for your workaround, which was exactly what I failed to do after trying to figure out which div to manipulate. :smiley:

This change makes it more Remnote-ish, which I found I used for taking notes because I simply could get more on the screen at a time.