Re-indexes my vault every time, ever since I used the Importer

What I’m trying to do

A few days ago, I used the official importer to import my Evernote and Notion notes. It all seemed to go smoothly enough, but ever since, every time I open Obsidian, I see the toast telling me that my vault is being indexed. If I leave this to run, it can take 20-60 minutes to index my ~14000 notes, but the next time I close and re-open, it will start indexing again. It’s also crawling now, performance-wise and crashing semi-regularly to the point of being unuseable

Things I have tried

I’ve turned on restricted mode and disabled Obsidian Sync.

A recent post of mine on a similar thread:

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Thanks for the suggestions Gino, but I had tried turning on Restricted mode, so all 3rd party plugins were disabled.

For what it’s worth though, and in case it helps anyone else, I think the fact I had gone offline was to blame. I had only gone offline during the import to avoid potential clashes between the importer and Obsidian Sync, but after I went back online, let it finish indexing again AND let Sync finish uploading everything, it went away again and performance is back to being lightning fast again

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Yeah, I was going to add that any interference with (lack of) sync is beyond me as I don’t subscribe for the service.

Glad you managed to sort it out for yourself.

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