Re: How to bind ctrl+h to Backspace

I did search and I found this topic
It is just as same as what I’m searching, but no one replies and it’s closed.
Finally, I found a solution. I’m afraid it’s only for Win 11.

  1. unbind the hotkeys binding (Setting → Hotkeys → Search & replace in current file)
  2. Install PowerToys
  3. Go to Keyboard Manager → Remap a shortcut
  4. Add shortcut, like “Select”: Ctrl (Left) + H “To send”: Backspace “Target app”: obsidian

Then it works and I’m satisfied for now.
I hope it will be helpful for someone.

I would like to use Ctrl+h as Backspace everywhere. I’m glad you’ve found a solution for Windows. On Arch+AwesomeWM, I’ve tried the following:

  1. Change the GTK key theme as described in keyboard shortcuts - ctrl+h as Backspace in linux GUI apps - Super User (But Obsidian is not GTK)
  2. Map with xbindkeys based on this thread, but it didn’t work and I didn’t investigate further:
    How do I change the keyboard map for Backspace? - Ask Ubuntu
  3. Now I’m trying out vim-anywhere as a different approach. You can map it to a keybinding to open Vim in any text-editing field and use your Vim configuration for editing.
    (Here’s my branch with Vim-in-terminal support)