How to bind ctrl+h to Backspace

Seeking for bind Ctrl+h to Backspace method.

Actually, I am a newcomer in Obsidian hearing this platform could support vim keybinding very well. After trying to use it, that is so nice to use it with vim undoubtedly. However, I find the ctrl+h could not ease preceding typing which just like Backspace do, which may be feel a little disappointment.

I have try below method:

  1. unbind the hotkeys binding (Setting → Hotkeys → Search & replace in current file)
  2. I try to install the third-community plugins Vimrc Suppot which provide the extent keybinding support mainly in normal mode. Following the instruction it have, I installed/enabled that plugs and write configuration in that file .obsidian.vimrc. Except my appending line map <C-h> :<BS>, other command work well such as nmap <F9> :nohl.

If anyone know how to bind the Ctrl + h to Backspace, please let a answer/comment, thanks your so much in advance. :blush:

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