Re-caching all the time after install and enable some plugins

Steps to reproduce

  • Install obsidian-dataview or obsidian-query-language plugin
  • tun it on
  • close obsidian
  • open obsidian

Expected result

run normally

Actual result

Obsidian run very slow.
It runs re cache procedure every run time.


Windows 10
Obsidian 1.2.2

Additional information

I have posted an issue to plugin authors:

Maybe there is some change in the Obsidian API And other plugins could also be affected.

GitHub - scambier/obsidian-omnisearch: A search engine that "just works" for Obsidian. Includes OCR and PDF indexing. has the same issue

also cause similar problems

Bug reports aren’t considered if using Community Plugins.

next one

I can’t reproduce.
Post a screen recording starting from a vanilla vault and a freshly started obsidian.

I investigate it more and:

  • I am using aand open my voult on two computers
  • on both I have got the same issue
  • when I downgrade Obsidian to 1.1.16 on one of them and open my vault it works as I described before: when I have got all the plugins on, every time when I open Obsidian it stacks because it re-indexing a vault.

During a loading and running Obsidian, I have got high CPU:

Obsidian is in this stage:

It lasts up to x minutes on this screen.

Thereafter, I got a message like this:

A sequence is run every time when I run obsidian.

Maybe this is an issue connected to some files from my Vault?
I want to avoid sharing it. Do you have any idea how to debug it?

Do you get errors in console (ctrl-shift-i)?

if you make a copy of your vault somewhere else, does it happen there too?

Console log is clear

Yes, It was the first thing which I have done.

The crucial is a stage:

Loading cache

during which I have got High CPU load, and it takes a lot of time

Something unexpected happened during this stage.

When “Loading cache” close, I got a message like this:

As I suppose, this should create the index files. Maybe there is an error?
Potentially, this file is corrupted? How to check it?

I think I have got a similar issue as described here, and It seems that there is an unresolved problem. I got this:

I have run profiler

I can share on privete this profile.
Maybe it helps to discover an issue.

That thread is mess, likely multiple different issues at play there.

If the problem is reproducible 100% of the time with your vault, you can DM me a link to the profile you recorded and to your vault (a zipped version). I don’t think the profile is going to be enough.

It seems that there was an error with internal data created and used by obsidian (cache files?)

I have found a solution:

  • create a new vault
  • copy all files from old one
  • install plugins
  • copy config files for plugins and obsidian

Thereafter, Obsidian ran fast.


On one of my computers, it re-cache every time (but do not wait on Loading Cache) and I can work.

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