Ranked Bullet Lists break on w10, but don't on w11

This is probably some high-level bug that may cause a headache for the dev team.


It doesn’t appear in Windows 11 but does appear in Windows 10.
I’m using the same version (1.5.3).

Steps to reproduce

First, I type in a ranked bullet list.

  1. 1st thing to do
  2. Last thing to do

Whenever I want to add a subsection within the list, the bullets below disappear, at the code level, looking like this:

  1. 1st thing to do
    1. specifically
  2. Last thing to do

That is, 2. has lost its bullet (and so would 3., 3.a-z., 4., etc.)

The table breaks as soon as I press “Enter” to add a new line.
Practically speaking, all the lines below lose their bullet code hyphens:
including in source mode!

I’ve attempted to reproduce the bug without numbers (that is, a task list), but the bug doesn’t seem to appear.

So it must be specific to the way ranked lists and bullet lists are processed. Some priority conflict.

If you put your source examples in code blocks, it’s

easier to see what's going on

without the forum trying to render or mess them up.

I understand, but in this particular case everything looks fine and correctly illustrates the bug report.

I don’t understand this bug report. Post a screen recording of this happening in the sandbox vault and attach a copy of the file where this happens.

Looking back at my initial post, I mixed up the words bullet and checkbox. The problem is that checkboxes disappear.

Here’s a viewable link that expires in 2 days (Feb 7): 2024-02-05 19-33-32

Here’s the short file (<450 KB) available on a file uploader until next month (March 6): Upload files for free - 2024-02-05 19-33-32.mkv - ufile.io


this has nothing to do with win10 or win11.

It’s this problem: