Random Note Query Filter

I think it would be helpful if there was a way to include a search query when opening a random note.

For example, let’s say you have an #animal tag that you use for notes about animals, and you want to open a random animal page. You’d use tag:#animal

Or maybe you have a folder of notes you never want to include when opening a random note: -path:ExcludeTheseNotes

This could be accomplished by simply adding a random button (same dice icon as the usual random note button) to the search pane. It might also be good to add an optional query to the Random Note plugin options, which applies a pre filter that is always on when opening a random note.


“Smart Random Note” plugin does exactly this. It has the commands:

Open Random Note
Open Tagged Random Note
→ Open Random Note from Search (any search you have active in your search pane)
Insert Link at Cursor to Random Note From Search


I use “Smart Random Note”, but think this should be part of the core plugin (and/or part of a general scope-setting plugin).


i want to bump this FR up. Smart Random Note can achieve that but it requires u to do a search first. i prefer if we can specify that in options or the likes.

here’s my use case

  • i sync my notes to my mobile phone. whenever i have unproductive time (like riding train to work or in dentist waiting room) i would open up and resurface my notes randomly
    • this is just like this duplicate-y FR – Enable customization for the random note feature
    • to make it more appealing for me to review my notes randomly, i created floating button for my mobile
      • it’s a hack from Obsidian You theme that allow me to randomly resurface my notes with a tap of a button.

Upvoting this FR as well, with the addition to set a specified folder for random search. I’m not sure I have a specific workflow yet, but I find myself almost exclusively using random note features for articles in my reference folder.



Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I checked in on this :sweat_smile: anyway I recently started using Smart Random Note and it indeed does precisely what I need. I’d absolutely love the random note core feature to be enhanced to include these features, or even for the core feature to go away in favor of this community plugin to encourage more use!


+1 for including some slight customizations to the core random notes plugin. There should be a base query that random notes select from. I love the random notes feature, but I don’t use it as often as I’d like to because I occasionally get notes from tagged #therapy at very untimely occasions.

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