Enable customization for the random note feature

Use case or problem

I use the random note feature regularly as a way to resurface things I haven’t worked into a spaced repetition routine or other regular review process. However, there are definitely notes that I don’t really want to see when using this feature, such as templates. I may also want to scope the set of notes quite tightly, e.g. to review random daily notes only or permanent notes only.

Proposed solution

As with the graph and other areas where scoped searches are available, a setting that controls which files the random note feature will surface would be very helpful. This doesn’t feel like it should be delegated to a community plugin, as random note is a core feature.

Current workaround (optional)

  • Just click random note again when it brings up a note I don’t want to review at the moment

This has come up before — just search “random note”. There’s an existing feature request.

I agree this should be part of the core plugin, but Random Note isn’t the only core plugin that’s so minimal that a community plugin exists to replace it (see also Word Count), so we probably have a long (maybe eternal) wait.