Quickadd: capture website metadata

I love QuickAdd’s ability to pull information from other sources, e.g. movies or books.

I’d love to do something similar with websites. Many websites contain metadata like author, date posted, featured image, summary. I used to use an iOS shortcut to pull that kind of data, but I’d prefer to do it through Obsidian itself so that it also works on Windows.

Note: I don’t want to capture the whole webpage, just the metadata so that I can easily find a webpage back, add notes and pull up a list through Dataview.

Here’s an example of what the previous shortcut-workflow looks like in Notes

Curious if anyone has some ideas or examples on how to go about this!

You can try using the extension “Glasp” for this.

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I’ve been using Matter as an intermediary between RSS and Obsidian. This way I’m capturing the whole article from the site, but only what I highlight and add notes to will sync to Obsidian. Here’s my workflow.

When I find an article in Lire, my RSS reader, I send it to my Matter queue. I highlight it up and add my notes in Matter, whether on desktop or mobile. Then every hour, my highlights are synced to Obsidian using a template I define there. It posts the metadata from the article according to my template as inline fields that I can also augment if I want.

In the same way, I can save any article I’m reading on Chrome on the desktop using the Matter extension and read it later.

The problem I used to have with Evernote and Notion was that it would save the whole article and I wouldn’t get just the nuggets I really thought were good along with my own thoughts. This has been working pretty well for me. I’m curious if it might fit your use case too.

So here are the links.
Matter - https://hq.getmatter.app
Plug-in for Obsidian - GitHub - getmatterapp/obsidian-matter: The Matter Obsidian plugin

Here is an example.

Oh wow this looks exactly like what I’m looking for.

I agree that I wouldn’t want the whole text in my database, but the highlights would be really nice

I was planning on not going through a third party service, but I’m definitely going to try this out and reconsider :slight_smile: I’ve seen similar posts using Raindrop.io

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I’ve found a really great way with Wallabag and shortcuts, in case anyone is interested.

It also archives a PDF of the article: