Save read-later articles with metadata and PDF through Wallabag

I’ve been using Wallabag for my read-later articles. One of the awesome things is that I can read those articles on my e-reader (through KOreader) iOS (ReadKit) and web. Another awesome thing, I’ve just discovered, is that they offer a very powerful API which allows pulling metadata, featured images, highlights, and even a pdf export of the article.

I threw together an iOS shortcut to load all that data into Obsidian: Shortcuts

The result is a neatly formatted note and an archived version of the article as PDF in one click.

Maybe in the future I’ll try to turn it into a plugin or QuickAdd-script, but I’m not a good programmer and I’m already very satisfied with the current result.

Screenshot of the resulting note:

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Is it possible that the highlights in Wallabag get synced automatically? Or one needs to do that sync manually for each article?

Or, is it possible to sync the highlights into Obsidian for multiple articles at once?

The shortcut is currently triggered by manually sharing a safari page, so nothing happens automatically or in bulk. But it’s pretty easy to adapt the shortcut to pull all annotated articles from wallabag and run them all through it, you could then also set it to overwrite the existing files if needed.

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Thank you @jeroen for this post (disclaimer: I’m the creator of wallabag :blush: happy so see integrations between these 2 great tools).