Quick Webcam Capture (Useful with Document Camera)

Similar to the audio recorder plugin, it would be great to have a button that quickly takes an image with a selected webcam and embeds it into the open document. Perhaps with some adjustable file naming convention, or optional saturation/contrast adjustments.

UX wise, I would enjoy a window opening that acts as a camera app - preview image, take photo, crop, rename if you want, and embed.

My university bought me a document camera to help me teach virtually. It’s basically just a webcam on a stick that points down and has an LED. I’ve found it delightfully useful for more than just zoom lectures, I really enjoy quickly capturing my own handwritten notes and sketches, as well as pulling quotes, references, and diagrams from books and journals, and having them all right inside my notes with context.

Like with the audio recorder, lowering the UX barrier as much as possible is a huge help.


This would be a very useful functionality indeed… being able to quickly incorporate pictures into your notes, would save the need to type an entire paragraph just express what a simple picture immediately can. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The word quickly is important, you have to be able to capture the image immediately during the process of note taking - not having to take the image and then find the image and then attach the image… which is how it is currently implemented. I am surprised this feature hasn’t yet been implemented.
I made this post in Mobile category asking for the same.