[Feature] [plugin idea] Add a camera tool in the toolbar to quickly add images using the phone camera


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.5

Add a toolbar option which would launch the camera in one click, and allow capturing the image with another click of the shutter button, which would directly add a link to the image in the currently open file and directly add the image file to the (set by default) attachment folder.
This would allow taking a photo and adding it into notes directly with just 2 taps. This would go a long way in aiding quick capture of events into notes.

Currently to be able to take a photo and to add it to obsidian one would have to leave obsidian, launch the camera app, take the photo, then go back to obsidian, and finally find the image using the attachment tool. This has a little too much friction (for me) to be able to use it meaningfully.

The Android app, Markor, has a similar toolbar tool but for some reason they combined many attachment options and made the capture process involve multiple clicks.


Exactly what i need


How the hell is this not a standard feature?



Awesome idea :bulb:

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This would be very helpful for my workflows