Quick Switcher: Toggle to *only* make a new note with SHIFT+ENTER shortcut

Currently, if no already existing note is made, pressing enter after typing in a word or phrase will create a new note in the current directory with that name.

This occasionally leads to me accidentally creating new notes if I make a typo while trying to find an existing note quickly with the switcher.

I would like to suggest a settings toggle that prevents ENTER from creating new notes at all; this toggle would enforce the use of only SHIFT+ENTER to create new notes.

Thank you.


+1 this. I’ve started using the Quick Switcher differently, it’s now explicitly and only a switching mechanism for me, not a note creator but I’m inadvertently creating notes with little mis-types. It would be great to require Shift+Enter for new note creation to block that.

Note: I’ve looked at the community quick switcher plugins, I can’t find any that support this feature. So no workaround at the moment.

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Just found this archive request: Create new note in quick switcher - #7 by hamo saying that it’s present but not working on a Mac? Tested and agree with the post, at least on a Mac both Shift+Enter and Enter will create a note.

Also it occurs to me that I would be equally happy with a “Don’t allow creation of a new note in the quick switcher” setting in the preferences.