Quick Switcher search seems to behave differently and miss some request

It seems that the Quick Switcher Research doesn’t give me the same responses that before.

Usually, I can find a note with the Quick Switcher by writing several letters present in the title of the note I’m looking for, even if those letters are not consecutives.

Steps to reproduce

So for example if I write “cpt”

Expected result

I should obtain the list of all titles containing the letters “c”, “p” and “t” that are in the same order, including all notes about “comportement”.

For example

Actual result

In fact, I obtain nothing.


Windows 10

Additional information

  • I tried to turn off community plugins and selected the default theme.
  • I have the impression I experienced the same problem on another computer with windows 10 also.
  • I’m wondering if it is a bug or if the functionnality has been changed. I tried also to see in the options of Quick Switcher if there was an option related to the Quick Switcher Behavior, but found nothing.

Thanks for your consideration.
All the best,

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I’ve noticed this on Mac. The fuzzy search does work sometimes, but it seems more restricted.

If you have over 10000 notes, it uses a simpler algorithm. If you have attachments, they probably also count towards this number.

I can’t repro and things work as koala said. How many notes do you have?

Oh, interesting. I have 7914 notes. Not sure how to check numbers of attachments but I’m pretty sure it’s <500.

Thanks for your answers !

I see I have 10’353 files including notes (3,913) and attachment. It seems to be that.
It seems that I have a lot of attachments because I convert the pdf of my university course to jpg files => then I add all the jpg slides to a note and then I comment them during the lesson.

So maybe I should do a feature request to have the possibility to work with the other algorihm even above 10’000 files ?

Because for example if I use my example with “cpt”, it would be much better to have a list of results containing those letters than nothing.
But I don’t know then if it may have any impact on performance.

What do you think ?

yes, open a FR.

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