Quick Switcher like search for "Search in all files"

Use case or problem

It’s not really a use-case but it’s more like better UI/UX for the feature and does not break consistency.

The Request is to implement the “Search in all files” feature at the center like the Quick Switcher and Command Palette.

I think a lot of editors and IDEs already support such User Experience, I guess Obsidian went with the VS Code approach, but I would argue that having similar search as Quick Switcher it would greatly User Experience because every search is at one place.

Proposed solution

As like QuickSwitcher (File/Notes Search) and Command palette (Command Search), it would be
good to support the same search for “Search in all files”, because right now it is not consistent with the previous searches and probably to most people gives worse User Experience.

I would expect the Search to be at one single place, and not split, I think this would improve the User Experience.

Current workaround (optional)

Not aware of any.

Related feature requests (optional)

Not sure, couldn’t find any with the similar terms used in my post.


Workaround: There is at least 1 community plugin that does this — I think it’s called “Omnisearch”. Searching the word “search” in the plugin store will show you what’s available.

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Thanks, I will have a look at it.

Agree with this. Honestly just implement a version of JetBrains’ Cmd+Shift+F dialog. It’s pretty close to perfect, and gives you more flexibility as a product designer since you have more room.