Quick switcher filters

Use case or problem

I use the Quick Switcher (Ctrl-O) constantly, but a problem is I have a huge amount of saved sources (third party articles in full) and a small amount of saved notes (my own writings). I use the Quick Switcher exclusively to find my own notes, and never source notes, but the latter often flood the results.

Proposed solution

Ideally I could define a saved filter for the quick switcher, similar to a regular search, like -path:“Sources”

Current workaround (optional)

I have to use the side panel search function instead of the Quick Switcher, which is not as smooth a workflow.


What about if you add some unique symbol or unique, short string in name of your every note?

I use this hack and use symbols to denote types of notes, i.e. @ for people, etc

I’d actually like to make some notes unsearchable for by default. I’m using Obsidian for work and every now and then I create a set of files that are named similarly but differ in date. While working I’d love to have older ones unsearchable so they stop popping up in my search and I wouldn’t have to filter them mentally from the list.

It could be with some regex’es, search terms or some frontmatter configuration. The last one would probably suit me the most but I could work with each one of them :wink:

Also quick way to force search in all notes would probably also be nice if I wanted to cross-reference something.


+1 to this feature. I would love to specify a folder or tag to mark something as archived and therefore not presented in the quick switcher.

It would also be useful to customize based on workflow (time, etc). A search filter achieves all of this with considerable flexibility


I think all of us who have some sort of Zettelkasten implementation on Obsidian would be pleased to have this.

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