Quick Switcher doesn't follow default location for new notes from "Files & Links"

Steps to reproduce

I’m often in the position that I want to create a note in the folder the current note is in without wanting to use my mouse.

Creating a new note over the quick switcher doesn’t respect the default location for new notes (Same folder as current file) from Files & Links and always puts the notes at the root level of the vault, so I always have to drag it into the right folder manually.

I reproduced it in the help vault.

Expected result

I’d expect that the note gets created in the folder I’m currently in.

Actual result

The note gets created at the vault root.


  • Operating system: Manjaro Linux

Additional information

Current workaround

The current workaround is to show the left sidebar and click on the create new note icon. That’s not optimal for keyboard-centric users, though.

Proposed solution

Either a toggle for it in the Quick Switcher Settings or a change in how the creation of new notes is handled from the Quick Switcher. I didn’t find any other requests/bug reports about it, so I think a toggle would be better because the current behaviour might be what other users prefer.

I kinda forgot there was that option in the Settings, so I’ve now switched my vault to that (Same folder as current folder)!

I do notice that that option in the Settings says “Plugin settings will override this” so I wonder if a plugin is interfering with the setting for you?

On my system (Windows 10), Obsidian honors this setting, both in the vault I normally use, and in the Help vault.

So it might be a plugin issue for you, or maybe an issue with the Linux build?

Very interesting, thank you.

I reproduced it in the help vault, though. And when I still used Windows, it was the same behaviour I believe. I’ll try it in a fresh vault later and update this post.

I have the same issue on macOS with v0.12.15.

UPDATE: Still an issue with 0.12.19. Current workaround for me is to bring up the command pallet and make a new note from there. This works fine on desktop since we have keyboard shortcuts, but does not work on mobile as well since I have changed my pull down action from “command pallet” to “quick switcher”.

It’s on mobile that this bug is most painful because navigating folders is most difficult there.

Will be fixed in 0.13.8.

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