Question Regarding Planned Vault Sharing Feature

I know that this is technically on the roadmap, but I haven’t really seen much information about how obsidian plans to implement a sharing feature.

Could we get any kind of idea what sharing will look like when it eventually comes?

It will be like regular Obsdiian sync, but multiple people can add and operate on a remote vault.


I can’t tell you how HUGE this will be for my use case. I can’t wait to try it out! I’m about to launch the use of Obsidian in a large research consortium, and this could be a game-changer.

Me too - I’ve been using the git sync as a sharing solution, but the only thing that makes this work is that it’s a group of relatively technical people who already know what git is. Expanding this out to other members of the team without that knowledge would be awesome.

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In the case where two people wish to share a vault via sync (such as my wife and I), will both parties have to be sync subscribers?

My hope is that only the user who invites others to the collaborative sync needs to pay; it’s the way it works for shared publishing:

yes, all parties have to be sync subscribers.

Shared Vaults are available in the current insider build 0.14.10.


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