Question about Yaml and dataview outlinks

The outlinks from dataview don’t show the links I have in “official” Yaml. Is this correct behavior?

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I think it is now (I may be mistaken) but my current understanding of the forthcoming Properties feature is that links in YAML will be indexed the same as any other (appear in the graph, backlinks, etc).

Well that is what I also thought, but it is not the case. See the example below:

The links in the yaml frontmatter don’t appear in the outlinks, also not in the js code with dataviewjs.

Since you were also expecting links to appear in the outlinks of dataview, maybe this is still missing in the implementation of the new Property feature?

That could be. I don’t remember if it’s implemented yet.

any news on this?

This bug is extremely annoying

I’m running into a somewhat similar issue

when I select the properties from the properties field, they disappear from my dataview query

This means that all my queries around a 2k notes workflow suddenly became useless

Any idea how to go around this?

Have banged my head against the wall for a couple of days so far, would greatly appreciate some help on this one

cc: @holroy

It was fixed for the dataview plugin recently. If you update the plugin it should work again.

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I just did it yesterday but it’s not working properly…

I noticed something else however, when I change the property type from list to text, they are displayed properly…

I’m confused

this is even stranger because querying the list with contains should have worked, but it didn’t as for the example code I share above

I can’t see any example code, nor any examples on your markup or query. This makes it very hard to even suggest anything to resolve any issue you might have.

sorry I was talking about this in 2 threads and got confused.

Pls check this, thanks for your patience

Could you try to do something like this?

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