PyCon conference talk on Obsidian (Sep 2022)

Hi everyone,

I’m doing a 30-min conference talk on personal knowledge management (PKM) and my obsidiantools Python library in September.

The conference is PyCon Portugal (2022-09-23T23:00:00Z).
See some early hype here:

I think the talk video will be released online after the conference.

There are so many great videos of tutorials in the Obsidian community but I haven’t come across any public speaking :microphone:, so I thought I’d share!

The audience is Python programmers, so the talk will start off introducing PKM and Obsidian to beginners, before going more into the vault I have built in the past year and how I analysed it with my Python package.

For one of my slides I’ll give examples of use cases for Obsidian notes - interested in hearing any wild suggestions. :+1:


It’s been a few months since my conference talks. I first did the talk at PyCon UK in September (a week before PyCon Portugal). It’s the 2nd-most (:exclamation:) watched talk for the whole conference on YouTube, based on the first few months of activity online: