Publishing newsletters & subscribe forms

What I’m trying to do

Create an email newsletter from within Obsidian and ideally have an opt-in form for subscribers.

Things I have tried

Over and above searching the forum (found nothing) and checking not that much. I’m posting here in the hope i can save some time.

I have also not yet tried Obsidian Publish - yet - but what i’m envisioning is creating a newsletter in Obsidian, publishing online, but also then sending this out as an email. I appreciate (assuming this is not available via Publish), I will need to import into an email provider such as Beehive or Substack (just for example, i actually already use Active Campaign for business), but these examples basically do what I’ve described within their platforms (blog publish and email send). I however, find myself in the position of - probably - having to use Obsidian + Other Platform or forget about doing it on Obsidian, which would be a shame.

Sidenote: does appear to do what i’m looking for (allegedly), and there is a plug-in, but the log-in doesn’t work, there is no contact info and the Discord is all Chinese, hence not looking good.

Anyway, no douby i can find a workaround, if I must, but the other issue is how do I add a subscription form to the published newsletter/blog on Obsidian? There doesn’t appear to be any plug-ins for this.

Can i add a third party option?

Any insights very much appreciated.


So, after a bit more research on the subscription form, there are plenty of options like sumo you can add to any site, with free starter options. Problem is if you do grow, then you get stung. (Sumo for example is $39 PM).

I cam also use Active Campaign but on my light plan, only basic inline forms available.

So, there are options, but a simple Obsidian plug-in for, that would make life simpler.

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