What's the deal with Quail? [Publish & Email Delivery With Obsidian Integration]

So, i was looking for a simple way to create and publish an email newsletter via Obsidian and found Quail, which seemed to offer more or less that, via an Obsidian plug-in, which requires API key, which you have to sign up to get. Fair enough. However, I’m unable to sign up (form fields non nonexistent), there is no contact info on the site and the Discord is not in English.

So, just wondering what other people’s experiences of it is and if this form-sign-up issue is a temporary glitch or not.



Maybe, you could open an issue on the Github Repo : GitHub - quail-ink/obsidian-quail: An Obsidian Plugin for Quail.ink :blush:

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Hi, I am the developer of Quail. You may sign in with Email at https://quail.ink/login. The sign in form issue has been fixed, sorry for inconvenience.

There is a English channel in Discord named “chitchat”. Please feel free to drop messages in the channel.

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