Publish: Support Canvas

Publish for Canvas would be amazing!

I can already imagine a website where every page is a 2d infinite canvas with zooming and spacial information organization. This is exactly what I’d like for my website.

I’m more than happy to contribute to the development to make this happen, if that helps. I have taken a look at the JSON format of Canvas files, and could create a rendering view in React if that would be useful to the team.

Basically, this is a feature I’d really like to have… so I’m willing to help out in any way to make this happen. Heck, I’d even donate to a bounty for this feature.


That would be great

Currently, I embed many excallidraw drawings

I’d get rid of my excallidraw subscription and give the money to obsidian :slight_smile:

As an Obsidian Publish user, I am looking forward to this feature. I believe it would be a great addition for my website. I believe that viewers would appreciate it since there is currently no way to filter the Graph View in Obsidian Publish.

I would actually like to make canvases the primary mode in which I publish content. I would like my website home-page to be a canvas. I would gradually convert most of my notes into canvases and link them together for the site navigation. This would allow for Obsidian Publish sites to feel like a true labyrinth!

Count me in. As former webdeveloper happy to help out.

Never liked react - i like vue better.

I guess it boils down to:

  • resizable node component with a slot (and color options)
  • various content componens as slot
  • render edges with some smart library
  • handle the pan and zoom with another (or the same?) smart library

Better is to reuse the obsidian render, would be great if this can be open sourced

I would love this. Obviously if you’re building it you can choose React over anything else, but please make it open source :pray:


So much YES.

I mainly use Obsidian for D&D notes (player, not DM), and I publish my notes for the benefit of the rest of the party. We’re currently involved in a murder mistery, and the first thing I did when I saw the new canvas feature is copying the ~2300 word tracking note for that specific case into a canvas for that perfect Pepe Silvia meme energy.

It. Works. Perfectly.
However, I cannot share this canvas with my party as they don’t use Obsidian, but rely on the published version…

So, for the time being I have to operate on the canvas and mirror it manually to the note for the benefit of my party, which is a smidge frustrating.
Sooo… keep up the good work, canvases are amazing and I’d absolutely love to share this amazing thing with others through the publishing service.

That is all, thank you.

Ok. I’m open-sourcing the NextJS web-app I just made to self-publish Obsidian vaults. It supports canvas files.

Github: GitHub - zachdoty/BrainPress
Discord: BrainPress
Demo link:

If anyone wants to help out with this project please ping me on the discord server! Also, feel free to open github issues or PRs :slight_smile:

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