Publish - search content of files and tags

It would be great if publish allowed searching for file contents and tags along with the current filename and heading titles.

For example, imagine published recipes.
If you have some extra rhubarb on hand it would be nice to search for that as an ingredient to see what else you can make with it.

Similarly, if recipes are tagged by cuisine, it would be nice to search for “Mediterranean” and get results even though it is a tag (#mediterranean).


Unless I’m missing something, it seems the search feature in the sidebar on published sites does not search within pages except for headings. I’m gathering this by looking at the help site.

Use case or problem

The capability referenced is near ubiquitous on websites.

Proposed solution

The hit list for searches should include page names, headings, aliases and tags first then hits anywhere within the pages.


Agree - even if tags were supported to be searched, this would be a large improvement.

Probably some setting - search +title and headings, +tags, +full text

Agree. Would love to see this get implemented.