Publish Plugin UI: Collapse/expand folders

Use case or problem

Publish UI shows all files (Changed/Unchanged/New) as open folders. There is no quick way to collapse (or expand) all folders, so you are left with manually toggling folders open or closed.

Proposed solution

Include an option to quickly collapse or expand folders, similar to the Collapse All community plugin which targets the core File Explorer.

Current workaround (optional)

Lots and lots and lots of clicking or scrolling! :wink:

Related feature requests (optional)

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Bumping this… I have a vault with 50k files and MAAAAAN is it slow to view the “new” pane.


Use case or problem

When I publish, the “New” section opens with all directories unfolded (and in reverse alphabetical order to boot!). It takes forever to fold-up all the folders to find the one I want to publish.

Proposed solution

Have all folders under the “New” section folded so that we could quickly navigate to the folder we need.

This is what the “New” section looks like when I open it. I have to unfold them all individually until I get to “Food” which is 3/4 of the way down!

Hi Obsidian Team!

Love Obsidian Publish :heart:, it works well and I’m more than happy to pay for it.

What has been difficult is that when I publish and ‘Add linked’ - I can’t see quickly which pages will now be uploaded. That has resulted in a few “Oh, shit” moments yesterday where I published notes that I didn’t want the world to see.

A simple solution would be to show the list of selected files instead of having to dig through the “NEW” section.


Yeah, I had a close call yesterday, @akaalias. :laughing:

+1 on the suggested fix.

Although, just to be safe, I’ve decided to keep all notes I intend to publish in a separate Vault. I’m using a different theme for the public Vault so I don’t forget which one I’m in.

My main Vault does not have the Publisher plugin enabled, but it does have access to the Public folder. So I can make edits from my main Vault, but I only publish from the Vault that only sees the public folder. -At least that’s the plan. Still testing…


Changing this to a feature request


Really important point. As I’ve been trying out the Publish Service, I’ve been really cautious about not inadvertently publishing files with content I’d rather not share.

Some might say that you should just keep private stuff in a separate vault. But that has huge downsides. For example, my “people” files contain information about when I met someone as well as information about their research. For my own personal use, it’s important to have those be in the same vault. Generally, as others have remarked, a single-vault approach has huge advantages. It’s great that Obsidian’s Publish Service allows lots of control over which files and folders are included. The only difficulty is that once my published vault has hundreds of files, it’s going to very hard to go through them one-by-one.

So it seems to me that there are two functions that new features need to provide:

Transparency: it’s important to see what has been selected, and the “Add Links” function has us currently flying blind. That’s the point that @akaalias is highlighting.
Batch selection & exclusion: But what would also be really helpful is a way of, for example, excluding any file that contains the #private tag. So I think that advanced searching in the publish plugin is a much-needed feature.

BTW: in the meantime, I have this workaround:

  1. run an advanced search in Obsidian;
  2. use the new “Copy Search Results” action (available in 0.9.3) to paste the results into a placeholder file (as a list of WikiLinks);
  3. publish that single placeholder file including “add links”, just for that file.

Kudgy, but it works.


+1 on the #private tag idea. Super simple.


+1 on the #private tag idea

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Or alternatively, a #publish tag for the files you’d like to publish. That way if you included a search in the publish changes screen you could just search #publish and select all results, rather than having to sift through all your files


Why not both? :smiley:

Joking aside, I believe we should be able to filter on or off a tag. There are situations when you want to include everything that has this or that tag, and sometimes you want to include everything but.