Publish: Permanently Exclude Folders

Use case or problem

I like to share my notes with people as an example of a working vault, but I have to do a lot of scrolling past my “definitely not ever going to make this public” folders every time I do an update, and I live in terror of accidentally clicking the “check all” button when I meant to check the “collapse” button and not really noticing and accidentally publishing my tax record pdfs and stuff.

Proposed solution

Let me (quasi-permanently, hide it in a setting somewhere or something) opt folders out the way I can opt out files.

Current workaround (optional)

Paranoia. Failures. Stress. An tendency to procastinate using Publish.

Related feature requests (optional)


Different use-case: exclude the folder containing templates - not relevant for publication.


Please accept this as my vote for the above mentioned features. I prefer to manage one or many sites from a single “knowledge-base” vault and everything is always within folders, so hiding only markdown documents only improves things slightly, if at all. It’s the folders we really need to go away to make publishing efficient. Additionally, it would be great to have folders automatically link to their index pages (or inner pages of the same name), so perhaps one idea could be to enable folder index pages and then key off the frontmatter publish attribute for the index page. Perhaps you could assume that if the index is hidden, then the folder is hidden too. This would allow you to solve the folder problem while, at the same time, introducing a new feature that we need also.

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