Publish from Obsidian to Notion via Notion API?

Since Notion has now released their public API what about a plugin to push Obsidian notes to Notion and keep them synced?
The frontmatter might be used to populate Notion properties.
I’m not a developer so I have no idea whether this is realistic or not.


This would definitely be a non-trivial task. My website uses a non-official version of the notion API to power it (though I’m sure it’s fairly close to the official version). The thing is, notion documents are collections of block-like data structures. Ultimately what that means is they have a unique shape that would be somewhat hard to map over to.

Just to sync to notion someone would need to:

  1. Parse an updated markdown file via something like remark
  2. Iterate through the parsed document and transform structures like headings, text attributes, code fences, etc to the notion equivalent
  3. Create/update the notion document with that structure

After that, you’d have to write a notion-to-markdown converter too. Then you’d have to figure out what sort of hooks to use to ensure the sync works well both ways.

I’m not trying to shoot down your idea. It’s interesting and I’m sure it would be a compelling technical challenge for someone to sink their teeth into. It’d just be a lot of work (and would probably be pretty buggy).


Hey, making something like this. What’s your use case? I think turning an Obsidian note into a row in Notion table would be good. That row could have an Obsidian URI to the note.

My use case: I want to use obsidian for all my notes, but I keep catching myself really wanting Notion’s database features (e.g. to use Notion as CRM for my websites, or ranking favourite YouTube channels to learn from - anywhere where extra structure would mean a lot. Maybe I don’t need this, maybe just embedding Notion iframes would work? Do you have any solutions/workarounds at the moment?

Would a spread sheet work for that? You can store spread sheets and other files alongside your notes in your vault. You just have to enable the setting to show all file types.

Nobody is doing this? After finishing the Telegraph Publish plugin, I feel that it’s almost halfway to making a new one for Notion.


I think it’s a great idea, can’t contribute to the plugin, but would love to try it :slight_smile:

I have also this dilemma,

first of all I have my Life OS in notion, it’s big own system based on PPV (August bradley), PARA, Databases and own vision

But for sure Obsidian is awesome tool to implement zettelkasten linking, evergreen note practices and so on

I tried to export in .md all my notion records from few databases notes, daily, media, people, etc. - it’s about 7000 records

And opening it in Obsidian works perfectly excerpt impossibility to upgrade some notes and push into notion, and opposite. 2 ways sync between notion and obsidian :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: