["property"] search

Just updated to 1.4.14.
Didn’t really try searching for properties much before, so no idea how recent this issue is.

Searching for: ["topic"]

Results include:
topic: foo bar
parent_topic: fuu bar
child_topic: fuu baz
topic_alternative: fuuu baz

  • These come from my use of the Linked Data Vocabularies plugin, if anyone’s interested.

Is this intended? This no way should be intended. Only topic should be found, if the search syntax includes the double quotes.

This is why I use regex instead (always; like so: /searchterm/). Also when searching for regular terms like "Turkish delight" as Turkish delights are not found (which I hear is normal on MacOS Finder as well).

Bumping this: Bug or no bug?

Please don’t bump posts — especially after only half a day.

I don’t see anything in Search - Obsidian Help that specifies that quoting a word excludes words that include the word. It appears to be intended for phrases.

Yes, I should have written it up straight away and I did:

Right now this search function is not a Properties search function. It is a search that can handle searching for properties, giving one the syntax on how to do it.
But if I want to search for a property, I should have search results for that property alone, because I no longer am searching for just any text in my vault. Which means the search modal must give Property-specific results not text-specific (meaning any text) results.
With Properties, Obsidian has moved toward organizing/standardizing YAML keys, but the search is pure text search, giving incorrect results.

My thoughts exactly. Global search was working just fine before adding Properties. It came with bugs like:

Besides full-quoting a string, there is a feature request that proposes escaping certain symbols that didn’t have issues before properties.

I think Properties should have an independent toggle in search to activate this whole new behavior with redefined interpretation for certain characters. When disabled, global search works as before.

Suggestion: upgrade “properties” search to Properties search, meaning the syntax [""] would be reserved to refer to search for Properties per se (the double quotes limiting the first and last characters of the Property name) the same way tag:# is used to search for tags and tags alone.
Or, losing the quotes even: property:[].

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