Properties Wrangler: Add a way to "Insert", "Rename" and "Remove" properties and values in all files

+1, because it is essential.

Don’t forget something like undo/redo.

The user should have control about the changes: Which files add/change/delete which property?


Totally +1

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Rename (only) of properties types (not values) will be implemented in v1.5. No ETAs.


Legit! Thanks Obsidian team :yellow_heart:


@cvanhenten In case it is not on your radar, the update-time-on-edit-obsidian plugin may be helpful for future notes.
It automatically adds the created and updated properties.
The updated properties is updated each time you modify a note in Obsidian.

Is it present in the Catalyst version of v1.5?

@pellucid According to what I can read in v1.5.0 Release Notes, Properties can be renamed and searched globally.

See here for a demo video in the Catalyst

The plugin “Multi Properties” (GitHub - fez-github/obsidian-multi-properties: Plugin for Obsidian that allows user to add properties to multiple notes at once.) is related, allowing for Properties removal.


To delete a property from all files where it is used, here’s how to do it with VS Code and regex search.

Regex pattern: ^propertyname:.*\n and replace with nothing.

Please note that this is intended to work only for one line properties.

Example for myCoolProperty using VSCode with regex enabled:

To confirm, click the icon inside the red circle in the following screenshot

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Hello everyone, :blush:

I’m so happy to see this feature request :blush::heart::star2::star2::star2:

I think this Properties situation is as important as tags or other binding options, however you call it in database management language. I’m not familiar with coding. I’m using Obsidian as a regular person.

I’m a beginner to Obsidian. As I was playing around with it’s options, I really messed up the file properties and now there are not only nonsensical properties, but also duplicates and non-functional ones…

In addition, the original properties for time and date, for example, are not stamping the current time and date. I know it was stamping before !
Now I have to manually enter the date.
And this is all before I installed any community plugins.

I’m at a loss.

  1. I searched everywhere on how to reset the original Obsidian properties to get rid of this glitch.
  2. I also searched everywhere on how to remove the unused and jumbled up properties.

As, I can’t delete and manually reinstall individual file properties, I reinstalled Obsidian. This didn’t help.

:star2::star2::star2:So I’m absolutely voting for this proposal here. :star2::star2::star2:

To the Obsidian Team: :pray:t2::pray:t2:

Please put a user-friendly option (not a code like whatever solution :smiling_face:) right next to the Properties table (add properties option) to “remove” and then have the ability to “add new” - including the original Obsidian property templates like date and time.

I will be very grateful :heart::pray:t2::pray:t2: