Help renaming properties globally

Hello all,

So I’ve carefully read through the following thread, Properties Wrangler: Add a way to "Insert", "Rename" and "Remove" properties and values in all files - #46 by ebouchut, but even after watching the video referenced ( timestamp:2:26), I can’t duplicate his results.

Basically I’m trying to search for the property “book_title” in the global search, select the property, and rename the property globally. However, when I search [“book_title”] search just returns files that have that property, nowhere does it return the property in the search results and allow me to rename it globally. I know that this is possible because of the change logs for v 1.5, I just don’t know how to do it.

Thanks in advance for any help!

EDIT: I still can’t reproduce the exact method in the video, but I have found the way to rename properties globally via the command palette>Properties view: show all properties

Hi @gandalfofold7

Here is how one way to do it:

  • Open the Command Palette ⌘ P
  • Search for and select Properties view: Show all properties
  • Right-click on the tag and select Rename in the All Properties view

You are right, the original way shown in the video (left click and type to rename) no longer works.
It seems that the way to rename a tag has changed since then and is now “hidden” behind a right-click menu probably to prevent unfortunate mistakes when using an unintended left click.


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