Properties: Option to hide in reading view

Hi, it would be nice to be able to hide properties in reading view as I just use it to put css tags in the properties and then it shows up );


Make one of the ‘Properties in document’ setting options ‘Show in edit view’.


An option for now is to hide it with a CSS snippet:

/* hide properties view in reading view/mode */

body {
    --metadata-display-reading: none; 

Hi there!
A made some workaround which can let you disable and enable the display of this section on those notes on which it is needed. Here is a post explaining how to do it

Under Settings > Display > Properties in document, set it to Hidden. It will display only in edit mode, but doesn’t work together with Live Preview.

If you don’t use Live Preview, then this should solve your problem.

That said, I 100% hate the new Properties stuff. It re-formats the frontmatter from my templates and removes any hidden text. The way I use frontmatter is to have several common options after a #, making it easy to copy into the appropriate field without having to type anything.

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I really want this to be reverted in some way. A settings option to not display properties in the notes would be grand. I cannot stand the properties being displayed in the notes.

The workaround with the css-snippet is only so good. There is still a large gap at the top compared to before.

I beg you to provide an option to hide all properties.


Just imagine if browsers forced you to see all meta data for each page whether you needed to “easily manage” it or not. We should def. have an option to either complete hide this, or better yet, there should be a “manage properties” option that when uncheck operates like it did before without any of the properties-related functionality. Obsidian feels like it’s making it product needlessly complicated and now it’s getting in its own way. This feature feels like scope creep or an unchecked “wouldn’t it be cool if…”