Properties: allow Editing of list items, aliases, and tags without needing to delete the whole item first

Mod Edit: This FR affects aliases and list items as well as tags in the same way.

I use nested tags to structure my vault. A lot.

I.e. I have a tag #movies/to-watch, where the subtag gets edited once I have watched it.

This is just a small example, but I use this method across my entire vault.

With the old YAML I just deleted the subtag with a keystroke and was either left with the main tag or was able to display the tag-dropdown-picker.

With the new properties UI I am just able to delete the whole tag, editing the tag is no longer possible.

Thank you in advance for your kind help!


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You could always toggle to source text, and edit from there. It’s an extra step, but a quick one that I don’t mind too much.

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I agree. This seems like a no-brainer feature and is much needed to reduce friction!

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Use case or problem

So I can more easily and more quickly edit items within lists in properties.

Proposed solution

Make the items interactable, editable, not just read-only.

Current workaround (optional)

I have to delete it, and re type it.
I can also go into source mode and modify it from there without deleting it, but ideally I wouldn’t have to do that.

:point_up_2:t2: These are not editable, you gotta delete it and re type it.
Now that I’m at it, the ability to manually reorder them would be nice too!


Please consider giving this some urgency now that Properties is launched. Adding tags in live preview mode actually got worse, not better for me since 1.4.

I’ve used the Frontmatter Tag Suggest plugin for quite a long time now, which is not perfect but gives me the autocomplete function, and since no “button” was created for each list item until Obsidian version 1.3, it was easy enough for me to navigate the cursor back to the tag I just added and edit it without even touching the mouse. In case I needed to rename a tag, it was just as easy. That functionality is especially useful to me since I use nested tags which can go more than one level deep and thus I frequently use an existing tag to quickly derive another node from it. For example:

  • Existing tag: Economics/Macroeconomics
  • New tag: Economics/Macroeconomics/RBC

Now that the frontmatter has these new graphical elements (list items as “buttons”) in live preview mode, I have to switch to source mode in order to recover the pre-1.4 functionality of autocomplete + easy editing for tags.

Alt+Click or Shift+Click on an item seems like a good trigger for editing it. Additionally, a similar tab completion shortcut could be implemented that would insert the autocompleted item without commiting it rightaway into a “button”, allowing you to edit it first.


Guys, there’s another workaround I just discovered.

We can revert to pre-1.4 (or “pre-Properties”) behavior by selecting “Source” in Preferences > Editor > Display > Properties in document.


@fbrufino thanks for this - it saved me a bunch of hassle. I really need to be able to NOT have front matter default to visible as I have some FM set up for Grav, and that means I use taxonomy. This just is not editable at all in properties visible view (you cannot change the properties type either, it is unrecognised) It throws all categories and tags into a non editable “” comma separated single line. This is basically useless unless I can edit it.

Im just sharing another screenshot to show the drop down options in case it helps others.



It could be useful, in addition to being able to edit tags, to be able to move/drag them with the mouse to change their order and make reading easier.

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There are situations.
Suppose I insert a link to a note block from the same note as a list item. There, while you are typing ‘[[’ and then ‘^’ the list of the blocks is displayed to choose a block from. When you choose the block, the list item is added immediately without letting you further type the ‘|’ and the alias to that link.
Later you can’t edit the list item already inserted into it, not even from the properties menu docked on the right sidebar of the obsidian window.
Also, we can’t reorder the list item once it is inserted. We have to delete them all and reinsert in the order we want.
The obsidian Properties feature is still in the developmental phase, I understand. However fundamental requirements must be fulfilled before launching the feature.

use tab to autocomplete without finishing.

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